The Reasons Why We Love Feel Vibe

Feel vibe dance is the style which contains 5 different styles. It was introduced in 2016. It includes Lyrical, Krump, feel , Popping and dubstep. It was introduced in small city of India by Mr. Naveen. it came in limelight in 2017 in a battle. it didn’t get that much appriciation but gave a chance to do something new in the dancing world.

Genre:                                FEEL VIBE
Dance Inventor:               NAVEEN KUMAR
Year:                                   Early 2016
Origin:                                NEW DELHI CITY


The basic of feel vibe is to convert the lyrics in dance step and feel the music. when the music get powerful than change to krump. The formation should be in simple way. For more just focus on your basic and your environment. Its fast like lyrical and hard like krump.

Feel Vibes Is about all Expressions
Feel vibes is all about expression. Without expression it just like cup without tea. it helps in taking out your emotions.


It’s a dance which has mix elements of jazz and ballet dance. it’s a little faster but not as rapidly as jazz and little more fluid than ballet. It’s a bit faster than ballet but not as fast as jazz. Its mostly feel feeling the this advance style of dance, a solid ballet-based technique is essential, as its facilitate with various others forms of jazz, some contemporary, and proper placement of body.


It’s a genre of electronic dance music which is originated in late 1990s in south London. If we correctly say and break it down then on dubstep music we are doing animation and popping mix or dancing in style of popping and animation on dubstep music.


Its not basically a dance style. It’s an emotion and feel means it’s an Emotions which occur when something is touched to heart. It’s not like physical touch. its an emotional touch which comes out through dance. If you start feeling the music than 70% of feel vibe dance is done. Without feel this dance style is nothing.


It’s a street dance which is popularized in the United States, which is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated and highly energetic movement.


The dance is based on the move of swiftly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a shake in the dancer’s body, named as a pop or a hit. This is done continuously to the repeat of a song in combination with offbeat movements and poses.


The creator of feel vibes name is Naveen kumar from New Delhi , India . He was born on 15 May , 1995 . He started dancing at age of 15 . He created his own style at the age of 18 and took it in Underground Battle . He did get a lot appreciation for his new and unique style .

Naveen kumar started dancing seriously after Raghav Juyal came in Dance india Dance 3.

Smoking : No
Favourite Dancer : Raghav Juyal & Poppinjohn
Favourite Movie : ABCD 2
Favourite destination : Canada

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