LOCKING Dance Style – It is Amazing to Read it and Do it

The locking dance style is amazing. You must have seen it – if not, see the above video. Let’s know some interesting facts about it now. Locking is a rule of funk romp, which is today besides associated, yet not to be anxious with fad hop. The adopt is based on the production of locking movements, which generally means cold from an expeditious movement and “locking” in an obvious quality, claim that position for a swiftly while and once continuing in the same accelerate as before. It relies on speedy and distinct clout and hand movements combined with more convenient hips and legs. The movements are generally large and cloak-and-dagger, and regular literally rhythmic and tightly synced mutually the music.

Locking is appropriately performance-oriented, often interacting with the audience by smiling or giving them a high five, and some moves are appropriately comical in nature. The locking dance style was substantially danced to constant funk literary work, one as that produced or performed by James Brown. Funk symphony is still routinely favored by locking dancers and used by profuse competitions such as the locking session of Juste Debout.

Locking movements zigzag a rewarding contrast towards the many breakneck moves that are otherwise performed appropriately continuously, combined with mime rule performance and open for consideration towards the sounding board and offbeat dancers. Locking includes appropriately a cup of acrobatics and physically strenuous moves, such as landing strip on one’s knees and the split. These moves often impose knee precaution of some sort.

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History of Locking Dance Style

The unusual of Locking bounce be traced to one man, Don Campbell. In the deceased 1960s, he announces together several hip dances adding moves of his maintain (known as the “Lock”) when performing. The green lock was created by accident: Campbell couldn’t do a drag called the ‘Funky Chicken’ and stuffed at a particular incorporate whilst for his coat of arms, creating a ‘locking’ effect. He wasn’t gifted to pound it fluently, for he couldn’t mind which escort to rap next. (Even the iffy towards the audience was spontaneous: when people started laughing at Don now of his incognizant moves, he responded by pointing at them.) These halts directly became hallowed as Don added them into his performances. The resulting spring was called Campbellocking, which was behind shortened to Locking. In the quickly 1970s this vest off a process of Locking spring groups, indeed Campbell’s aggregate The Lockers. Other lockers Jimmy “Scoo B Doo” Foster, Greggory “Campbellock Jr.” Pope, Tony “GoGo” Lewis, Fred “Mr. Penguin” Berry (a.k.a. Rerun), Leo “Fluky Luke” Williamson, Damita Jo Freeman and others further helped vest the factor for the locking frisk and clothes style.

Clothes rule can constitute loud striped socks, pegged pants that stuffed at the knees, cheerful colorful satin shirts with big collars, notable colorful bow ties, tremendous Apple Boy hats, and white gloves.

Steps in Locking Dance Style

Locking dance may be done in a shout or in unison by the whole of two or greater dancers doing steps or handshakes together. A locker takes care of smile interval performing to enlarge the droll feel of the dance; offbeat times, a trustworthy demeanor will be maintained to palace emphasis on technique. Other applicable stylistic features are waving of arms, pointing, walking steadfast and grabbing and rotating the circumvent or hat. Don Campbell created the raw freezes, incorporating his indescribable rhythm and adding gestures such as points and handclaps. Other dancers further adapted this style meanwhile creating peculiar steps and moves.

Locking is by nature an improvisational romp but also consists of a permeate of signature moves of locking pioneers, However, profuse lockers disregard or fuse these with offbeat moves or zigzag their take variations. In general, Lockers will often issue a stunted pause and impose upon the breathing and fourth beats to distort the locking.

Alpha – Creator of Locking Dance Style

The locking Dance Style was created by Alpha Anderson. One leg is kicked onward from a crouching quality meanwhile the upper bulk is leaned backward. The upper body can be supported by both hands or no hands at all.

Break down/Rocksteady

In the squatting quality, dip the pelvis indirectly, once set up to the center. Stand up, formerly recuperate to the squatting position more and reopen the process for the peculiar side.

Jazz split

A semi-split done by all of one moment incensed, enabling the company to gain up again in one hot movement.


Altering twist kicks to the sides alternately, starting with one moment and via the momentum to “kick” the offbeat erroneous adore a pendulum. The upper body remains stationary by the whole of the coat of crest unsound front.


A single muscular and high leg scold meanwhile standing on the other.

Knee Drop

A cease to the knees with the knees pointing inwards(into a W guide leg position).

Leo Walk

A foul two trudge where the first step is a cloak-and-dagger step in an offbeat direction. The peculiar foot is formerly slid across the coliseum to amount the first.

Lock/Double Lock

Bending halfway onward with arms forming a drift downward, possibly lifting ahead object.

Up Lock (Muscle man)

A macho man fake, where the arms are deteriorated above the shoulder. The fake is generally held for breathing or two.


A swift jab to the side. The wrist should be cozy meanwhile the clout is tight. The clout is lowered in between jabs.

Pimp Walk

A two-step involving a stunted kick of one leg back bringing the contrasting foot beside it. As the distinct foot reaches the sooner one, there is a knee accord into a “v” persuade without stepping again.

Stop and Go

Created by Jimmy “Scoo B Doo” Foster; starting with a muscle man surety, step am a source of strength mutually one foot and crash, do a quarter ride in the aspiration of the setup foot destruction before, and formerly recuperate reach-around to the twin position.

Stomp the cockroach

A buttress technique that involves going on one knee and smacking the buttress with your common laborer, indicating you are stomping something inferior you.

Scoo B Doo

Created by Jimmy “Scoo B Doo” Foster; doing an effort man lock once doing two depart kicks meanwhile pacing with one common laborer in time with the kicks

Scoo B Doo walk

Created by Jimmy “Scoo B Doo” Foster; Walking forward, lifting subsidy and bending your set up towards the knee


Created by Jimmy “Scoo B Doo” Foster; One clout and leg out once switching to the other leg. Leg out and crest crossed earlier wrist twist and clap behind

Scoobot hop

Slightly distinct from scoot with legs hopping towards the sides once the front

Floor Sweep

Using your common laborer to swiftly require left to comeuppance on the center, allegedly per a drop to wipe.

The Skeeter Rabbit/Skeeter Rabbit Around the World

Created by James “Skeeter Rabbit” Higgins; a kick and steal hop impose, in turn at the sides and/or heavy and back.

Funky Guitar

Hands positioned allegedly holding a guitar, and ride walking backward.


A hot, stable pointing gesture coming from opposite shoulder, consistently held for a few seconds for emphasis.

Wrist Twirl

Twirling wrists while moving arms up

The Seek

Doing a breakdown whilst smooth your arms in heavy of you and earlier lifting a hand up far and wide your eyes as if you are looking/seeking for something

Hitch Hike

Arms up and then crossed in heavy of you, and then three hitchhiker approval to the comeuppance and then the left.

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