Why Do You Dance ?  



Why Do you Dance ? What you feel for Dance ?

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Dance! it means something very deep to me. As people describe love a very different (indescribable) feeling, for me dance is almost the same.

I am very fond of dancing, or may be mad about it! I love dancing when

-I am sad or feeling low.

-I remember something from my past and I don’t want to be with those memories.

-I am depressed.

-I have work pressure.

-I want to work out, but don’t want to go gym!

-I want to think something new and deep!

-I want to enjoy my company.

Here I am trying somewhat to explain what is the feel of dancing for me.

And yes! I never miss any chance of dancing with my friends, even at the college time I was among those people who started dancing from the beginning of DJ night (9pm) till the end (2am). I was asked many times by many people that you don’t get tired? How can you dance for 4–5 hrs continuously? I replied to them, I don’t know, I just know that it makes me feel alive and happy.

I still spend dancing 2–3 hrs in every weekend and learn some new forms of dance, some good steps, and some good expressions.

If you love dancing, you are expressive because dance is full of expressions, you are emotional because dance is full of emotions, you are calm because dance makes you come from inside, you feel more energetic for next week because dance is full of energy, you started loving yourself because dance is full of love, you become dedicated to your work because dance is full of dedication, you start enjoying life, because dance is full of joy. (yes! I can write a poem for it).

I am free style dancer, couldn’t get a chance to delicately learn it. But, yes! I am crazy for it and dance somewhat well.


I like to dance for many reasons, but these days, it's primarily because it is my primary and most effective spiritual technology. Dancing releases me from my head and gets me into my body. My experience of the world becomes one where I am no longer separate from anything or anyone around me. It's just a form of oneness.

Dance is great for many other reasons, too. I like the exercise. I like the social experience. I like the creativity and expression.

I love that I can do things when I dance that I can't do otherwise. I mean, physically, I am incapable of many things normally, but when I dance, I turn into super-Steven. Just for example, I can leap a lot higher when I'm dancing than I can ordinarily, and I can sustain many leaps in a row that would totally tire me out if I weren't in that altered state of consciousness.

Dance has a lot to teach me about life, too. It teaches me how to respond to changing circumstances gracefully and creatively, without freaking out. It is the quintessential going with the flow. It teaches me confidence. It teaches me how to listen. As a musician, that is pretty important.


Ah i love this question. When I was younger my mom just signed me up for classes because every mom does that and I loved being onstage. But as the years have gone on and I’ve come to really understand what movement and technique are I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for dance. Here are my reasons:

  • dance allows me to be the confident person I’m too scared to be when face to face with someone. Onstage I’m not afraid and it’s great.
  • I love to perform so much. Dance is an amazing blend of acting and musicality and art and it’s amazing to get to showcase it to te world.
  • Choreography is so interesting to me because you can play with so many things and details and it’s amazing that an idea in our heads can actually be shaped on humans and come to life. The fact that we can actually shape sound with movement is astounding to me. Seeing something that you’ve created on such a large scale is just amazing and if you haven’t choreographed before you should try it because I love it.
  • Dance gives me a place to be a perfectionist. It allows me to pay attention to the details and work to get things right.

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