5 Reasons Why World Of Dance Is Common In USA

World of Dance is an American reality competition television sequence, hosted by Jenna Dewan and executive produced by Jennifer Lopez. The sequence features dance performers, including shout acts and larger groups, representing any style of dance, competing for a grand glorify of $1 million. The contestants are scored by judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough.

World of Dance

Genre.                                              Competition
Presented by.                                 Jenna Dewan
Judges.                                            Jennifer Lopez
                                                          Derek Hough

Country of origin.                          United States
Original language(s).                     English
No. of seasons.                               2
No. of episodes.                           26 (list of episodes)

The series was created in partnership with preeminent global dance brand, World of Dance, which produces dance competitions and dance lifestyle events in greater than 25 countries, spanning the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia. Videos captured from these events have driven more than 1 billion views online.

The series’ first season premiered on NBC on May 30, 2017, as a compact to America’s Got Talent. On June 29, 2017, World of Dance was renewed for a second season, and was renewed for a third in May 2018.

Executive producer(s).            Jennifer Lopez
                                           Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas
                                            Benny Medina
                                            Matilda Zoltowski
                                             Kris Curry
                                             David Gonzalez
                                             Matthew Everitt

Running time.                            60-120 minutes
Production company(s).   Nuyorican Productions
                                                 World of Dance
Universal Television              AlternativeDistributor
NBCUniversal                        Television Distribution


Format changes

While the format for use 2 remained almost unchanged, there were a few minority alterations. Season 2 confirmed a 16-episode decision,[2] six greater than the ten-episode first season. Additionally, this case, a fourth department, Junior Team, was added for acts under 18 with 5 or more members. The qualifier rounds are cut perfect from a two minutes to an one-minute routine. The Duels are cut entire from two minutes to a ┬┤80 seconds┬┤-routine. The distance three highest-scoring acts in The Cut from each course will impose on to the Divisional Final, in manage use it was simply the distance two.

Show concept

In assignment for season two, handpicked competitors, being able in any styles of dancing, from qualifying events overall the nation and thousands of online submissions, are isolated into four divisions: Junior (groups of 1-4, under 18), Upper (groups of 1-4, 18 and older), Junior Team (groups of 5 , under 18) and Upper Team (groups of 5 , 18 and older). In small number cases dancers who didn’t vest were rapidly contacted individually producers or their agents.

The elimination process of the contestants are in four rounds:

The Qualifiers – The contestants have to qualify with at after most 80 points to make it to The Duels.

The Duels – The contestants choose their person at arm starting with the highest scorer from the qualifiers. If the number of contestants in a course is unreliable, the continue weather will be competed aside three remaining opponents that were unpicked previously. The champion of the duel is the contestant/s with the head win who then restrict on to The Cut.

The Cut  – Mentors are sitting each course to update the contestants for their performances. The better three scoring acts in each course require on to The Division Finals.

The Division Finals – The mentors still sponsor the contestants from each division. The better scoring consider in each course will attempt division champion and compel on to The World Final.
In The World Final all four division champions will compete for the $1,000,000 USD gutsy prize. It is considered that the concept of manage season is copied; every carrier will travail twice in two disagree rounds. The average win of both rounds by each entrant will collect their accurate score. The contestant(s) with the highest final win will be crowned World of Dance cream of the crop 2018 and will merit the $1,000,000 USD epic prize.


The judges are scoring in 5 categories. Each split is value 20 points, with a executed score of 100:

Performance (20 points):

Effort: How many diverse elements announce into the routine. What is the whole effort to dance the performance by the act.

Personality: How characters and personality issue into the performance, in the point of acting to motivate emotions by the audience, sharp a picture or framing pictures.

Technique (20 points):

Transitions: How calm and seductive the transitions from impose to impose were without done a stunt moment.

Cleanness: How synchronized, dated by a pattern, compelling and committed the movements were within the act.

Execution: How safe the execution of the stunt by the control was to the performance song.

Choreography (20 points):

Difficulty: How abstract it was to dig the figures and movements by the control from judges hold of view.

Musicality: How cleanly pictures, figures and movements were choreographed to the hint and beat of the stunt song.

Tricks: Are unexpected bare elements included by properties, dry goods or the bodies of the dancers and how lavishly was it done.

Creativity (20 points):

Originality: How rare and charming was the performance.

Artistic Choices: What styles of dancing were open and merged. How well was it done showing basic dance styles and manner culture, e.g. costumes, shoes. The performance song is an artistic choice as well. How well did it set to the performance.

Dynamics: How energizing and muscular the performance was and how much break was on stage.

Presentation (20 points)

Crowd Appeal: How the teem around the uncover stage reacted to the performance.

Impact: How memorable and rate talking closely it later the performance was.

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